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a nEw me !! HEpi nEw YEAr ....


hye SuMEr !!!!!!
its been so long long long not upDAte tiz bLoG ....
Quite , busy actully ...
so manymany Ass to do ..
2nd SEm Drives me crAzy ..
with a lot of GroupinG Ass , InDiviDual Ass .. but doesnt matter 
its my job  .. me As A STUDENT in on of tHe IPTA in MALAYSIA ..
sould Be proub bEcause of .. MANY people who applying tiz GOverMENt College , dont have tiz opportunity to furter study RIGHT ???
So I'm glad that i got tiz OPPortuNity for go with it .. THANK TO ALLAH .


So new year ,
a new beginning of ourlife ,,
a new chapter ,
a new memories tat we're goona shared together,
what should we do???
think BOUT it ....

ekceli ... before 2011 start .. so many story that i want to share ...

1st of all ....
about my vacation ..
heee .. i'm goin to my COUSIN house  last a few week before 2011 ..

we're plan this since eid MUBARAK ..
haa ..
me , KAY , miss SCYA ..
23 until 26 i stay at my kazen ouse .. ..
next 24 .. me and miss Scya and er sista Cuk Mufy ..
we're taking bus .. and go to busten ,, and wait for Miss KAY ..
after taking MISS KAY .. we'll feel very the HUNGRY lar ..
we eateat at MC ODONALD ... haaahahahha

catch this .. our GELAGAT ..

makan tyme ..

candid tyme ..

makan weyhhh !!

after we makanmakan ..
kami menunggu POK LI ..to catch us at BUSTEn ..
ekceli .. THE MCD is nearest the BUSSTOP ... if you guys hungry ... u can eat FASTFOOD nearest the busstop ...

hahhahah ... after Di ambik oleh PAK LI ...
dier membawa kami balik ker KG PALOH .. BUTTTTTTTTTTT ..
ader BUTTT ..
sebelom PULANG kerumah ,, KAMI DIBAWA mkan  KEROPOK LEKOR di
kedai MAKAn WARISAN ..

keropok goreng 

Cuk MUfy and her Uncle POK LI

after kekenyangan .. POK LI membawa kami sumer ker
very the gamble POK LI membawa kami sebab Miss kay ta penah pergi ker masjid kristal ..
i da penah pegi ... with my lurveley family ..
so sesampai nyerrr KAMI di masjid kristal ..
so ramai people kat saner ..
siap ader yang buat event for akad nikah at MASJID KRISTAL..
so gudgudgud ... i like it ..

hee .. kami bercandid tidak kira akan keadaan sekeliling .. so ..

canDiD tyme ..

hahaaa ... Dengan SLUMBER nyerr ber CAndid .. hehehehhe
but such a wonderful tyme we have gurls ..

then we balikbalik ...
sumer nyerrr kekenyangan .. kegumbiraan kami lalui walaupun pada masa yang singkat ..
hehehe ..

lourve you guys DAMN muchhh ..

nnti plan lagi ea ... heheheh

so thats all that i wanna says ..




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